Random Masking Techniques

This tutorial video entitled ‘Random Masking Techniques’ is aimed at users who are familiar with Smart Photo Editor’s ‘Select Area’ feature and know how to use ‘selection bushes’ to make masks.

The concept here is to select an area of your image by randomly brushing over the focus of your attention – perhaps the subject. This is not about perfectly selecting the object – this process allows ‘spillage’ into other areas and may incompletely select the focal point. It is a kind of ‘Graffiti’ approach which may give surprising results.

Here is an example ‘before & after’ image created by applying a random masking technique, and then applying, in this instance, a combination of two effects.

Before & After - Small

The supporting video is basically a ‘slide-show’ of SPE screen shots and it assumes a basic familiarity with the general masking process.

This is an experimental approach, but it is also FUN!