Presentation – New Effects by Andrew Buchanan

This video introduces my latest series of effects called ‘More effects from me’ numbered 001-100.

It is a presentation video not a tutorial video – it merely shows each effect in the series applied to the same BASE image which is an original photograph of mine that has been processed in Smart Photo Editor to simplify it slightly and limit color variation. The effect used is one that I often use to create base images and it is Penningtons7’s ‘Watercolor’ effect. You should note that the effects are ARTISTIC ones and are offered to use creatively to produce artworks rather than to simply enhance photographs. There are unlimited ways in which these effects can be used and I look forward to see how they are used by others.

Although I applied each effect at a click without any adjustments whatsoever, the effects have a host of parameters that can be altered using sliders including hue, saturation, exposure, contrast, brightness, vibrance, gamma and so on…and many of them have merge sliders to adjust how the different textures within each effect interact with each other. Experimentation should reap boundless rewards. I look forward to using them myself.

The core structure of each effect was created by me and involves multi-textured blends with textures mainly created digitally by me. Occasionally, I used existing SPE effects (including my own) to add to the core structure and from about 071 to 100 I made good use of existing effects to polish off mine. I acknowledge the use of other contributors effects as elements of some of my new effects – I did not record which effects I used, but it will be apparent that I have used a number of border effects towards the end of the series. So thanks to all the contributors in general and more specifically to the contributors whose effects I have used.

I made a PDF document to support this video and to help make the effect series more useful to users. Click on the link below to download:

Effects’ Catalogue

Kind regards,