Brand new ‘Masking’ concept using ‘Creative Masking Templates’ effects.

I wakened about 6:00 am this morning with a brand new idea involving templates by which you can create specific mask shapes, either ‘as is’ or inverted. Absolutely no clue as to where the idea came from – but that’s the nature of creativity!

I tested out my concept and created 27 new effects called ‘Creative masking templates 001-027′. There are instructions contained within the effects on how to use them, which are removed before using the effects. However, I thought it would be best to make a short video showing how these new templates should be used.

Here is a jpeg of example templates:

Example Templates

Example 'Creative Mask Templates'

I have lots of ideas for using these templates and I hope to upload many more. I hope other effect designers will pick up the idea and develop it – look forward to what other might come up with!

Each template is in a strong color as this facilitates easy use.

Experienced users can open up the Manual Edit feature and change the template color to suit their own needs.

Hope you enjoy and find useful.