Creative Montage & Composite – Tutorial Video

Hi again,

In this tutorial video we selected the ‘Montage’ feature within Smart Photo Editor in order to start with a blank or textured layer on which to create our photo-artwork. Immediately after this, the author decided to crop the image for aesthetic reasons. The ‘Composite’ feature was then opened and three additional layers were superimposed on the first layer. These additional layers (overlays of a female model in this example) were each in turn altered – backgrounds removed, resized and repositioned to create a single image (once completed) comprising three poses of the same model.¬†This then became the image to which effects were applied and was the basis of the final composition.

The process is outlined and annotated up to the first overlay was applied and then the process is shown twice more without annotation giving you the opportunity to simply view.

After the three overlays were complete, the final stages whereby a combination of two effects were applied are once again annotated.

There are many possibilities for the creative use of these techniques and I think they could be used to create Surrealist Images – I say that because a user did ask in the forum if there were any effects that met that purpose.

Hope you enjoy and find this video useful – have FUN!