Learn to Unlock the Full Potential of SPE – Part 1 & Part 2 – Video Tutorials

As a result of creating my recent Calendar Templates, I thought it was time to UNLOCK some of the deeper potential of SPE. I saw that it was possible to go in directions not necessarily explored before through the use of the Fantastic SPE features, such as the Composite Feature. As I explored the possibilities I was AMAZED to realize that, with the aid of a ‘HELPING’ hand, SPE users could take much more control of outcomes and stamp their own personality on their own artwork results. The ideas that are  behind my approach are probably best suited to users who have a good working knowledge of Smart Photo Editor.

The ‘Helping Hand’ comes in the form of a resource pack of over 500 MB of graphic images, backgrounds, overlays, and so on.

To LAUNCH my new approach, I’ve created two Advanced Tutorial Videos (with more to follow) and made available a large amount of resource material under the title ‘Creative Kit One’ (more packs to follow in the future).

The tutorial videos (Part 1 & 2) are aimed at experienced users of Smart Photo Editor – therefore only the KEY elements of processes are shown. It is assumed that the gaps can be filled through the viewer’s pre-knowledge, experience & understanding. It is an ADVANCED tutorial

The videos aim to UNLOCK some of the deeper potential of SPE and are supported by over 500 MB of graphic resources created by me from scratch in a variety of drawing & paint programs. Especially in the ‘Backgrounds’ folders, further processing took place using existing SPE Effects from a variety of contributors including me – to these contributors, I would like to offer my thanks.

The resources referred to in the video can be downloaded here:


Gary and Adelaida from Anthropics have kindly set up another approach to downloading the resources that will give you more choice – thanks to both Gary and Adelaida! The new ‘Gallery Style’ link is shown below:



You may use these resources freely for personal or commercial use. No need to link to my Blog, nor acknowledge use of my work. Adapt them to suit your own needs.

After downloading the resources it might be wise to create a folder called, ‘Creative Kit One’ and organize it similar to mine containing 14 resource folders:

* 7 x 5 Frames
* A4 Backgrounds
* Colored Satin Overlays
* Colored Textured Overlays
* Distressed Colored Overlays
* Film Border Colored
* Gradients
* Graphics
* Multi-Colored Overlays
* Paint Marks
* People Silhouettes
* Solid Colors
* Square Backgrounds
* Watercolor Overlays

Learn to Unlock the Full Potential of SPE – Part One

Learn to Unlock the Full Potential of SPE – Part Two

To get the BEST from this video it is important to view Part 1 – ‘Learn to Unlock the Full Potential of SPE – Part 1′. Part 1 is the KEY tutorial that UNLOCKS a fuller appreciation of the POWER of Smart Photo Editor.