Make Your Own Calendar – Free Templates

I had hoped to create effects to produce calendar pages at the request of users, but unfortunately SPE doesn’t really support the concept of having a fixed size image in which your original image can be posted. I tried all sorts of ideas, but eventually decided that it might be better to to use the Composite Feature, which in fact, gives users more control.

To accompany this Tutorial Video are 8 sets of ‘Calendar’ templates that can be downloaded by clicking on the link shown below each example template.

1. Calendar Crumpled Paper 1-28

Calendar Crumpled Paper

2. Calendar Black 1-29

Calendar Black

3. Calendar Pink 1-30

Calendar Pink

4. Calendar Watercolor 1-31

Calendar Watercolor

5. Calendar Leaf Skeletons 2-28

Calendar Leaf Skeletons

6. Calendar Pastel Splatter 2-29

Calendar Pastel Splatter

7. Calendar Torn Denim 2-30

Calendar Torn Denim

8. Calendar Spilt Paint 2-31

Calendar Spilt Paint

You can download the Masters here:

Calendar Master Blanks

Here is the Code Template:

Code Template

Hope you find the video & resources useful.