Use the Composite feature to create a Multiple Photo Frame

My latest video will help more experienced Smart Photo Editor users to create ‘Multiple-Photo Frames’ using the ‘Composite ‘ feature.

This is a new approach that uses templates, masks and frames in addition to a number of the user’s own photographs. In this example the aspect ratio of the photograph windows is 6×4.

Do you want to create this  kind of thing

A resource pack is available below allowing users to replicate the tutorial process and this includes the Base Image, Mask Image, Frame Image and Session File.

Resource Pack

It would be nice to hear comments from users so that I can determine whether there is ¬†sufficient demand for ‘Multiple-Photo Frame’ packages in different styles.

Here is another resource pack: Additional Frames arranged in six folders:

  1. Bevel Frames
  2. Brown Frames
  3. Gray Frames
  4. Green Frames
  5. Metal Frames
  6. Pastel Frames

Additional Frames Resource Pack

Hope these prove useful to you – at least they will help you get started and give you a variety of 5-photo frames to play with.

As always, it is my hope that you will develop these ideas for yourself and, in this instance, create you own frames, base images and masks. It would be nice to see some of your results.

Have a good day!