SPE Tips & Tricks – Thinify

This  short tutorial was created in response to an SPE Forum question that asked about a ‘Thinify’ effect. The video is aimed at  experienced users, but it may also be of benefit to relatively new users who wish to expand their knowledge.

Currently, the functionality of Smart Photo Editor does not include a Thinify tool. However, it occurred to me that we can simulate the effect using the ‘Montage & Composite’ features and, in fact, we can thinify, stretch, and distort our image to change  its aspect ratio. The example in the video applies the technique to a portrait and, although subtly used, it does a good job.

Note, that in some images where the background is important you will need to be careful how you apply the technique as it not only alters the subject matter but also distorts the background. You can avoid this by separating the subject from the background using masking techniques and layers.