Using the Composite Feature to Take Control of Effects

This video tutorial is aimed at experienced users who want a bit more CONTROL over effect parameters.

The idea is to apply effects to a BASE image (which could be your original image or a processed original) and save each result for later processing.

You can save singly applied or combined effect variations as required.

Once you have created a few variations you can load the BASE image and apply the image base image variations as layers using Smart Photo Editor’s Composite Feature. This will allow users more scope in changing Blending Modes and Opacity. You can use one layer and one variation at a time or combine variations by using multiple layers.

Prior knowledge is assumed and therefore not all aspects are covered in depth. The presentation speeds through a number of options without prompts towards the end of the video letting the viewer simply OBSERVE the process.

Once you have achieved a particular outcome using the Composite feature you can continue as normal, if desired, to use the effects gallery and apply further effects to your latest result. You can SAVE a result at any time and perhaps use that as a new BASE image. Likewise you can use MASKING techniques to further expand the possibilities. You still have all the other SPE tools available to you after using the Composite feature.

This approach is one of the ways in which I achieve personalised outcomes. Many worry about applying Gallery Effects as it seems to them to be cheating. This approach allows users to put their own stamp on the resultant artwork as they play a major role in the creative process.

It is an exciting approach that reveals many happy surprises as you use this technique to create UNIQUE works of ART!


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